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Activity 3. Awareness

This aspect sought to disseminate understanding of IPv6 based technologies through the Australian business community. In particular, it built on the awareness created by the Australian IPv6 Summits in 2005 and 2006, supported by the Department of Information Technology, Communications and the Arts. Specific activities were:

3.1 Information

The Project provided an introduction to IPv6 Basics, including a printable brochure covering:
  • What is IP version 6?
  • Why bother with IPv6?
  • Costs and benefits of IPv6?
  • How is IPv6 deployed?
A major aspect of IPv6 Information was the setting up of this project website, www.ipv6.org.au.

3.2 Promotion

The Ipv6 for e-Business project has been widely promoted - through industry mailing-lists, postcards, brochures and posters, especially through the Australian IPv6 Summit 2006. During that event we also held an Internet consumer consultation meeting to discuss the major developments that were seen as necessary for the Australian Domain Name System to become IPv6 ready. Suggestions from the meeting are being incorporated into the testing regime for the auDA IPv6 testbed, part of Activity 4 of the Ipv6 for e-Business project.

One of the IPv6 for e-Business Consortium members, the Australian Defence Information and Electronic Systems Association, organised two well-attended Defence sector workshops on IPv6 in November and December 2006, conjointly with AEEMA, ADIESA, ISOC-AU and the IPv6 Forum Downunder for the defence sector. (AEEMA/ADIESA are now part of the Australian Industry Group.)

The first workshop, was facilitated by ADIESA and was held in late November 2006. This workshop was attended by approximately 30 industry and Defence representatives. A record of proceedings was produced which has been forwarded to Defence for comment and, where appropriate, action.

The second, held in conjunction with the IPv6 Summit, was facilitated by the Chairman of ADIESA and provided a senior officer from the Office of the Chief Information Officer in Defence the opportunity to obtain answers to a series of questions that he had prepared specifically for the workshop.

3.3 Seminars

An IPv6 for e-Business Roadshow took place in March 2007, with free half-day seminars on IPv6 around Australia. Click link above for a report on these workshops:
  • Sydney - Tuesday, 6 March 2007
  • Brisbane - Wednesday, 7 March 2007
  • Adelaide - Thursday, 15 March 2007
  • Perth - Friday, 16 March 2007
  • Hobart - Wednesday, 21 March 2007
  • Melbourne - Thursday 22 March 2007
  • Ballarat - Friday 23 March 2007

3.4 Updates

The website has continued to be updated until the end of the project, with reports on the progress and outcomes of activities for the IPv6 for e-Business Project.

Dr Kate Lance
Internet Society of Australia

The IPv6 for e-Business project is supported by the Australian Government through the Information Technology Online (ITOL) Program of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.