Want to Get IPv6? Do Try This at Home!

Would you like to try IPv6 for yourself? Some providers offer it as part of their paid product line, others offer free services for people to learn more about IPv6. Here is a list of participating Australian IPv6 providers:

IPv6 Internet Access IPv6 Websites, Email, DNS
Internode Internode provides IPv6 as an option for existing Internode customers. Simply follow the instructions at ipv6.internode.on.net for ADSL Broadband Trial, Native Ethernet, or Tunnel Broker services. IPv6now IPv6Now provides combined IPv6 website, email and DNS services on native and dual-stack IPv6 servers. DNS maintenance is also separately available.
IPv6now IPv6Now provides IPv6 Tunnel Broker access for Business IPv6 with SLAs. Also available, FREE single-user IPv6 access for most operating systems, easy implementation. Instant6 Instant6 offers immediate IPv6 visibility for existing IPv4 websites, without any changes at all to ISP, hardware or software. Also available, FREE no-frills version. See Instant6 here.
AARNet AARNet provides native IPv6 for its network services and FREE Tunnel Broker IPv6 access. Studentnet Studentnet Nextmail Collaboration Systems are based upon IPv6 infrastructure and take advantage of IPv6's unique features.
Freenet6 Freenet6 offers FREE Tunnel Broker IPv6 access, a social network for IPv6 professionals, and services such as testing and debugging tools. Freenet6 has a POP in Sydney. TechAnalysis Tech Analysis offers dual-stack and IPv6 for services such as websites, email, DNS and FTP. Tech Analysis is your one-stop IT Management Service business.
eintellego eintellego has an IPv6 Rapid Deployment Programme for ISPs, hosting companies, datacentres and businesses who host services directly on the Internet. Conexim Conexim provides Managed Cloud, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and associated services including managed security, email and DNS all of which are production IPv6 Enabled.
NetSIP NetSIP provides cost effective, business grade VoIP services and publishes AAAA records for its user and reseller portals as well as IPv6 enabled Sip Trunking. Netregistry Netregistry provides IPv6 hosting for cloud hosting clients. IPv6 is enabled by default for all Linux, Windows, SMTP and FTP services for cloud hosting accounts. Get a FREE 30 day trial of cloud hosting and future proof your website today!